LC-QTof 6530 no spectrum displayed

I am new to this and when I load the reference standard from bottle B no spectrum is displayed. 

  • Do you have 2 nebulizers or one?

    If you have two, one of these is for reference ions (the one on the side) check it is producing spray.

    if you have just one nebulizer the reference ions are infused onto the plate at the spray should in the chamber. In this case make sure your LC flow is on and spraying into the source or you won’t see the ions. If you still don’t see ions check there is flow through the PEEK reference capillary. Just disconnect it and look for drops. It can be quite slow a piece of blue tissue can help here.

    regardless of your setup (one or two nebulizer) the ref ion capillary / valve can block and May need flushing. Look at above troubleshooting first then we can address flushing if required.

  • Looks like no one has responded to your post in awhile. If you have not found your answer. Please post again.

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