How to set an MS2 Scan method in Triple Quad 6460 to get proper MS2 scan spectra

Hello MS scientist, 

I am facing a problem to set an MS2 Scan method in Triple Quad 6460 instrument. I am trying to analyze caffeine at the MS2 level but I am not getting a proper MS2 scan peak. 

Please guide me with the proper method.  

  • Hi,

    Got to the Method Editor in MassHunter - on the QQQ tab go to the Time Segments table and in the 'Scan Type' drop down choose MS2 Scan. Choose 'To MS' in the Div Valve column. Set the Delta EMV to 0 for both positive and negative. Then in the Acquisition tab set your start and end masses according to the mass of the analyte you are measuring. So for caffeine in positive ion mode, you should expect an ion at 195.1m/z so a start mass of 50 and an end mass of 250 should be fine. A scan time of 500ms should be ok too. Set the Polarity to 'Positive'

    What are you observing when you open the data file?

  • The below screenshot might help - it didn't attach to my previous reply!

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