Can an AJS ion source from 6520 Q-TOF be used on 6420 QQQ?

I would like to use a 6520 Q-TOF Agilent Jet Stream Ion Source on my 6420 QQQ. Are the sources compatible with both systems?

  • Unfortunately not, the G6420 would not support the Agilent Jet Stream (AJS) source. This source requires additional electronics and gas control. The ESI source should be able to work ok on your TOF. While this might not be as exciting a prospect, it could be useful for troubleshooting. Keep in mind that if you tune the TOF with this source use undiluted tune mix. While the AJS will generally provide better sensitivity, on occasion, there are some compounds that can be observed with standard ESI but not AJS. These are mainly thermally labile species.

  • Thanks Ross! I need more sensitivity than the 6420 can provide, so was hoping to use AJS.

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