Failed MS2 Tune 6410. Higher Masses both +ve and -ve.


Every time we vent and vacuum down the MS2 auto tune fails with the high mass.

I've tried to tune from factory settings and manual tune using a file that was used prior to the shutdown.

The instrument is second hand so we have had the vendor engineer out a couple of times.  The original issue was the RF generator for the MS2 quad.

Unfortunately, since this repair the issue has reoccurred.  The engineer came back out, after doing a remote check and had saw the same issue.

Once they arrived, annoyingly the QQQ tuned no problem.

The fault has occurred again, so I was looking for any help or suggestions.

I've used 2 different tune solutions (old vs new).

Capillary has been cleaned.

On turning back on the MS has had a good 24hr to vacuum down prior to check tune then auto tuning.

Check Tune indicates that adjustment is required on pretty much all the masses in the range c.a. 110 to 1933.

Any help or suggestion welcome,



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