High Voltage Mesh Assembly

For the ESI chamber, what is the function of the High Voltage Mesh Assembly?  I understand that the ESI nozzle is at 0V and the capillary cap is at ~4kV.  So how does the High Voltage Mesh Assembly contribute to the electric field in the chamber?  Thanks

  • Hi Padraig,

    The mesh assy. is part of the electrostatic potential in the spray chamber. 

    1. The mobile phase and analyte are nebulized (broken
    into small droplets).
    2. The mobile phase solvent evaporates from the
    droplets (desolvation).
    3. The charge density in the droplets increases until
    the Raleigh limit (10E8 V/cm3) is reached, then the
    droplet undergoes coulomb explosions and breaks
    into smaller droplets.
    4. Under the influence of the electrostatic potentials (Mesh Assy. part of this)  in
    the spray chamber, the analyte ion is desorbed from
    the droplet.

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