Best option for short-term shutdown of LCMS Q-TOF 6545

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I'm running an LCMS Q-TOF 6545 and am expecting a full power shutdown for several hours during which there will likely be an uninterrupted nitrogen supply. What is the recommended shutdown procedure in this case? Can I place it in Standby Mode and prevent having to vent the system even though all power will be unavailable for several hours?


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  • Hi Rodney

    You will need to vent and power down your system in advance of the power outage. This will ensure that the pumps spin down in a controlled manner and that the vacuum manifold fills with Nitrogen before you power off. That you have uninterrupted nitrogen at this time is not important as your system will have no power and will vent in an uncontrolled manner.


    Put system into standby.

    Vent system and wait until the rough pumps have stopped or you get message system is vented.

    Do Not power off yet!!!

    In the actuals panel monitor your rough vacuum until it reads 760 Torr (7.6E2) at this time your system is filling the vacuum manifold with nitrogen and needs to be powered on to do so.

    When above pressure is reached, shut down software and use smart card shutdown utility tool on your PC.

    Follow the prompts and power off QTOF when told to do so.

    Isolate for mains power until your power outage is complete.


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