How to inject different volumes indicated in sequence?

Hi, I am working on an LC-MS single quad 6120b

Running Open Lab CDS Chem Station. When I set a sequence there is a column called: 'injection volume'. If I set different volumes in different rows I expect to inject different volumes. However, the same volume is injected for all samples. It looks the autosampler method 'corrects' the volume.


Funny, during the injection, the drawing indicates that a different volume is injected. However, in .d/acq.txt shows the autosampler method volume. Analysis of the data also shows the same volume was injected for all samples.


Is there a way to set a sequence with different volumes?



  • hello, sorry for the delay 

    did you find any answer in the meantime.

    Normally the injection volume took into account is that of the sequence. Did you try with a new sequence from default sequence ? 


  • Hi

    It sounds like you are describing expected behaviour.  I assume that the acq.txt file shows the values from the acquisition method, and will always show the injection volume from the method.  If you create a report template and include the injection volume in that report, it will show the actual injected volume.

    What you describe, setting different injection volumes in the sequence table will, as says, result in these volumes being injected, rather than that from the method.


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