Masshunter re-injecting when threshold is reached ?



We're using a 6470 QQQ with 1290 HPLC stacks and MH 10


Is it possible to get masshunter to re-inject a sample if a particular TIC threshold is met. We have situations where the concentration of an analyte are so high that we need to re-inject them with a method that uses a 2uL injection volume instead of a 20uL injection volumne in order to get a good peak. But is it possible to automate this so that if MH see a high TIC, say 10^9, it re-injects that sample with a second pre-assigned method ?


If not, is there anything else we can do other than wait for our batch to complete and manually set up the injections again. I was thinking we could include the M+1 mass (isotope) of the problematic compoud, and get a big reduction in the response...I think that would also work, right ? 


Any feedback would be helpful. Thanks


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