Is 6230 TOF safe pumped down, but without TOF electronics turned off?

Recently, after a pump down and HV conditioning sequence, TOF electronics shut off without any obvious error. Seems to have been software related, but I don't want to keep attempting to condition the electronics in order to troubleshoot. This happened during COVID-19 lab shutdown. Is it okay to leave it in this state (Vac+N2 on, but TOF electronics off) for extended periods? Or should the HV electronics be conditioned and the entire instrument left in Standby? I can't find any relevant resources on this.


My understanding is that as long as the internal electronics are protected under vacuum, they should be fine on or off.

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  • Using the Diagnostic program, I set the instrument to pump down and do subsequent 8 hour HV conditioning (per the manual) in order to bring the instrument up in standby. The instrument had down just fine overnight and the vacuum was at the levels specified in the manual, but yes the TOF light is red.


    There is no anticipated change in N2 and power currently which is why we were intending to leave it in Standby for the foreseeable future. Extended time would be 6 weeks (anticipating no research in this time), but I of course have access and can do maintenance on the instrument or shut it down completely if necessary.

  • Sorry, meant to say: it pumped down just fine, vac at good levels, but the HV conditioning seemed to not have worked and the TOF light is red.

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