Recommended daily, weekly, monthly, etc. maintenance for Agilent 6500 Series LC/MS QTOF

Hello Agilent community!


I have recently been assigned the task of being the main person in charge of keeping track of instrument maintenance for our Agilent 6500 Series LC/MS QTOF. I was wondering if anybody had some recommendations of what to look out for in terms of daily, weekly, monthly, etc. maintenance to ensure that the instrument is running as smoothly as possible.


Some things we already are doing:



1) Checking the mobile phases and seal/needle wash before a run, ensuring there is a sufficient amount

2) Checking the amount of reference mass solution and tuning mix, ensuring there is a sufficient amount

3) Checking the waste bin, making sure it's not overflowing.

4) Performing mass calibration



1) LC line purges (or any time the mobile phases/seal/needle washes are changed)

2) Rebooting the computer

3) Exporting hard drive data onto a shared drive



1) Tuning


I'm curious what other things I should be looking out for. Things like pump oil, spray chamber, etc. that I should perhaps be paying attention to. Our instrument is pretty new (just got it a few months ago) so we have not yet had to do any serious maintenance. Any advice any of you might have would be extremely appreciated, thank you!!!!



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