Shelf life of lamps


i have a  6 years old unopened lamp(g1314-60100)with in its original box. i am wondering if there is any shelf time for lamps. 

Thank you.

  • In an official Service Note we say "According to our lamp manufacturers there is no shelf life for LC detector deuterium (D2) lamps. Our logistic centers (LC) try to ship lamps from stock before they reach 12 months age.
    We see the lamps lasting for more than 5 - 10 years without problems (we have retained reference lamps used not very often). No ignition failures or other problems are observed. D2 lamp doesn't deteriorate if it is not used for a long time (maximum 5 years from our shipment).", so I'm pretty sure your lamp will be okay, if stored correctly:


    * Regarding stock condition avoid storing them under high humidity and high temperature.
    * In addition we don't recommend storing them in the places with shock/vibration and much dust.
    * If a lamp is not used for a long time there is a rare possibility that lamp does not easily ignite. But this is caused by gas
    absorption onto the objects inside of the lamp. It may recover by short term aging. Just try to re-ignite the lamp several
    times in this case.

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