Thermo FLD configuration on 1200 Series LC System with OpenLab CDS 2.5

Hi All,

I am experiencing a configuration issue with a new Thermo Fluorescence Detector installation on a 1200 series LC with OpenLab CDS 2.5. After installing the SII 1.2 Software for the FLD, I try to configure the FLD with Chromeleon, however I am getting an error message stating, "You are not allowed to start Chromeleon Instrument Configuration Manager application. Please start the application via the Standard Instrument Integration.". The Thermo rep had mentioned that its possible that I will need a 3rd party license from Agilent and/or 3rd party connection kit. 

Has anyone experienced anything like this and/or know what is needed to be done to get the FLD configured to work with my OpenLab CDS? I have made several attempts failed attempts to get this resolved with Agilent and thought the community could be of help.

Any information provided is greatly appreciated!!

  • Hello  

    Can you try configuring the instrument from Open Lab Control Panel as below?

    Open Control Panel, select Instrument tab, select your 1200 Series LC instrument.
    Then click configure instrument, you should be able to see the configured 1200 Series Agilent LC modules on the right side.
    On the left side under available modules: Scroll down and search for Thermo Scientific Instrument, select this, move it to the right side and double click to open Thermo Scientific Instrument Configuration. This will open Chromeleon Instrument Configuration Manager in another window, which will allow you to configure the Thermo FLD if it is connected to the PC without any issue. Please follow the SII for OpenLab 1.2 installation guide from Thermo Scientific for detailed steps. (PDF documents are available on the SII for OpenLab distribution medium in the /Documents folder).

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