Sudden shutdown of the desktop connected to 1260 Infinity

Our lab has an Agilent 1260 Infinity HPLC, and we are encountering an annoying issue with the desktop connected to it. The desktop sometimes shut down automatically, while the HPLC is still running the analysis. The HPLC keeps working and and the analysis after the shutdown won't be saved. The IT person came several times and failed to fix the issue. Does anyone encounter this before?

  • Hello Xiaolei,

    If you mean that the PC turns off or reboots on its own, this is not associated with Agilent. It would be a general computer issue which Agilent does not support. General information I can provide is to check with HP or with HP resources (or Dell, whatever is the company that made your PC). If your IT cannot find the issue, you may have to consider getting a different computer. Note that even if the computer was purchased from Agilent, HP are responsible for the computer and the hardware and warranty with it. 

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  • Maybe check your power settings and make sure PC is not going to sleep or standby.

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