G1315B DAD and ChemStation

I recently purchased subject instrumentation from a used equipment dealer.  I am using it with a Waters 510 pump and Rheodyne 7725i injector along with various columns.  I can get the system to work by starting the run manually.  Results on the screen look great, but I have yet to figure out how to save the data file.  For example, I have wavelength set to 195 nm and 285 nm (mobile phase is acetonitrile/water).  So my first question is how to save the data from a manual run.

Based on what I can tell from the ChemStation, OS in Windows 10 Pro and the ChemStation software is Version 8.04.03 [16].  PC is an HP Compaq 8200 Elite Small Form Factor desktop.  Win 10 reports 4 GB RAM.  Is that sufficient or do I need to add more RAM?

There are no free Ethernet ports on the PC.  I have attached a USB Wi-Fi adapter, but the speed is very slow (under 5 MIPS).  Is this normal?

Thank you for viewing my post.  I hope you can answer my questions.


  • B.04.03 is an older version of ChemStation and not supported on Windows 10. It worked on WIn 7. I'm not surprised it's slow.

    Make sure you add a stop time, The software needs to be told when to stop collecting data. 

    You may want to call your local Agilent office to see about possibly upgrading.  The G1315B is out of support as well.

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