G7167A LC MLS Draw command error

I have a "draw command error"  followed by an event "Needle into a vessel failed". It happen occasionally during the run. I have used lab advisor on the injector step pages and moving the needle up an down and draw, but I couldn't mimic and create this event "Needle into a vessel failed". 

The draw command aborted error was able to created when there are missing vessel and over the maximum allowable volume in the metering head. 

I have also tried titled the rack to create "needle hit the vessel bottom" see if I could mimic the same event on the screen, and expected "draw command error".

Any ideas of "Needle into a vessel failed" means? it that means I need to do an autoreferencing? or I need to change a needle assembly(injector step showing all movement are OK, up and down, draw, move to location, needle into sample) and I believe the needle are straight.

Thanks in advance


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