autoreference error 25089

Hi all,

   We encounter a problem after doing a PM of the G7167A MLS, when doing auto referencing after changing needle seat and seals, it gives and unknown module error 25089. As the MLS require realignment, it won’t let the needle be in service mode. I use lab advisor try to move the needle in the ‘Instrument control’ page, it gives another error 25146 means the value of the needle is missing, I cleared the auto reference value in lab advisor, restarted with no luck. I tried a cold start also with no luck, and I reinstalled the same firmware and it still no luck.

   I unclick the needle take the needle out and unscrew and screw it back the wash port in case the wash port isn't aligned. but now I couldn't put the needle back. I restart the MLS and it reinitialize ok as usual but ask for realignment otherwise it always in not ready mode. Once do autoreferencing in instant pilot controller and the same unknow module error 25089 occur.


Any ideas?

thanks in Advance

  • Hi, I would recommend updating the FW on the sampler and LabAdvisor. FW D.07.38 and Lab Advisor 2.20 allow to exclude the washport from referencing. After you start the autoreferencing, you will get an option to deselect "Include washport".

  • Hi Nadjan, thank you for your suggestion. Unfortunately the FW upgrade will be the last thing we could do. As the autosampler still in NOT READY mode, I cannot move the needle out so I manually use a flat head screw unclick the back of the needle assembly and take it out so that I could gain access to the wash port. I tried to put the needle back but the needle seat provide too much resistance and I couldn't put the needle assembly in the seat properly(I beleive it needs the sample handler provide some force to seat it properly). I installed the needle assembly onto the sample handler and reset it, it couldn't finih initialization and give error 25151, then I clear the error and reset it again and in the middle of initialization I open the door took the needle out and it completes the initialization with no error. and yet still in NOT ready mode and won't let me move the arm and require auto reference, and of course, again 25089 error occur. I tried to open the cover and gain access to disconnect the sample handler and connect it back but was unable to take the plastic cover out, do you have any idea how to take the top cover out?

  • Hi CandyCheong, if you are not trained by Agilent on repairing LC instruments I do not recommend you open the module. The errors you experience are due to the washport. If the module is not ready you still can update the FW and Lab Advisor, right? As a plan B, you can buy and install a new wash port.

  • Hi Nadjan, I have some good news Slight smile. I ordered a drain management kit G4267-68708. I replace the only washport in G7167A, and it successfully completed the autoreferencing. Slight smile You were right, it is all due to washport, I did not change the whole drain kit, I only took the old washport out an put a new one from the kit and replace it. 

    Now the autoreference is completed and it allows me to move the arms and in service mode. Everything back to nornal Slight smile

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