FLD Xenon Lamp Change Error Message: Lamp cover is open


I have replaced my FLD Xenon Lamp and upon connecting it back to the HPLC, the following error message comes up on Lab Advisor: 'Lamp cover is open', accompanied by a red light on FLD module (G1321B).

I am pretty certain that everything is connected as it was, and that the lamp cover is the big metal case that contains the trigger pack, xenon lamp etc. (held down by 5 bolts).

As far as I am aware, it is not open. 

Does anybody know what might be causing this error message? Is it automatically issued when you remove this cover? I already know a service engineer should be the one doing this lamp replacement so please don't remind me of this, I am just looking for the probable cause and hopefully a solution.

Many thanks! :) 

  • May I ask? Did you take an official FLD training? Working on the innards of an FLD usually is for trained staff only. Many things can go wrong here, e.g. replacing the lamp is much different to replacing the lamp on a UV detector. One can screw up the alignment and create a massive loss in intensity.

    This is a safety feature. It prevents the Xe lamp from being ignited, if the metal cover (=lamp house) is not in place. Either the five bolts are not tightened enough (but don't "gorilla" them in) or the FLF (frontend board), which sits underneath the optical unit, is faulty. The FLF has a safety switch, which detects the presence of the lamp house (there's a black plastic rod facing upwards from the FLF towards the lamp housing.

    Please keep in mind: Tweaking the safety switch e.g. with tape or a screwdriver is dangerous and must not been done. If tweaked, you have live 600V directly in front of you, plus the lamp can be ignited and cause damage to your eyes.

  • Unfortunately, no. We are quite pushed for time on a current project and understand the risks associated with a DIY job - desperate times!

    Thank you for your input, I'll keep this in mind. Hopefully it is just because it's not tight enough as the FLF was fine before this (yesterday morning).

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