Units of chromatogram

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         We've two HPLC - Perkin Elmer and Agilent Technologies. I am trying to sync both the instruments in terms of chromatogram. In perkin elmer , the chromatogram is EU vs minutes whereas in Agilent it is LU vs minutes. Can anyone tell me if its possible to change the units in the chromatogram ( FLD detector) to EU ?  And also I would like to know how area is calculated. it the formula  - micro volts x minutes ? 

  • No, it is not possible. The units in this case are relative and depend on the differences in optical units, PMT settings, etc. Even if you had two detectors from the same company you still would have to optimize PMT to scale the signal to similar values or could get different intensities with identical PMT settings. It does not make sense to "sync" the instruments in terms of unit naming, they are anyway relative. Area is always calculated signal intensity (units used in the chromatogram) x time.

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