1260 Autosample Error: "metering device command failed, draw command aborted"

Hi all,
New to the forum, and having a few issues with our analytical 1260 HPLC. Main problem currently is an intermittent error on the auto sampler when trying to inject samples, it doesn’t happen necessarily at the first injection in each sequence (although most common), but does within the first one, two, or three injections.
The injector will draw the sample, seemingly for longer than it should, and then error giving "metering device command failed, draw command aborted". Frustratingly I also lose my sample when this happens, and it's started to cost me with some important ones. Once the error is cleared the module repeats its ~10 min cleaning/purge cycle and then is ready to start again. I can't find any information on the error using LabAdvisor. Searching on this forum for the error name or code doesn't show any results, and I cant see anything in the manual for this.
Extra details: Module G7167A 1260 Multisampler, Error # "EE25031, 3"
- Sample Thermostat, Dual-needle
- Multisampler Parameter Right (Needle Seat 0.12mm, Sample Loop Flex 900uL right Dual needle, Analytical Head 100uL)
- Multisampler Parameter Left (Needle Seat 0.12mm, Sample Loop Flex 100uL left Dual needle)
- Injection Valve (5067-4260 - "")
Grateful for any advice or troubleshooting ideas,
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