FLD Wavelength Accuracy Test Error


I am having issues trying to run a Wavelength Accuracy Test in Lab Advisor on a FLD G1321B module.

The test runs but when it gets to step 4 ‘Evaluate Data…’ it pops up with this message every time:


What can I do to solve this issue?

Some background info – I can run other tests just fine like the Intensity Test and Raman ASTM Signal/Noise Test, and all LC modules are on and ready (green) with a 0.25ml/min flow rate of water.



  • The G1321B is based on the so-called Leonardo platform, hence it has "A" firmware. That platform is obsolete, due to RoHs regulations (but still supported), so firmware development has stopped quite a while ago. Unless your FLD was on really old FW (which I doubt, since it's a 1260 series), I don't believe your issue was fixed by the new FW. As part of the firmware update, the detector does a full reset. This might have been your "fix".

    Anyway, it's always a good idea to go for newer firmware and I'm glad your FLD is passing the test.

  • Thanks! I'm quite new to FLDs and have been given the job of testing a bunch of used and new ones we have laying around in our lab - appreciate the reply and will probably be posting a lot more questions.

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