Aflatoxin Analysis with HPLC-FLD at Corn

Hello dear colleagues,

I have a question for you. I got 3 results for aflotoxins B1, B2, G1 and G2 yesterday. Results are above. My question is as u see at the individual results there are 3 of them which are first is middle cal. point, second is my sample which a corn sample, third one is my 0,625 ppb(total of 2.5ppb) spiked result. As u see at the results the B1 analyte is at my sample is 0,08 ppb which is around my loq result. On the other way, my 0,625(total of 2.5ppb) ppb spiked result has about 2.1ppb which is absoulty strange for me because i don't figure out where does the difference between spiked result and sample come from. Can you help me figure out why does this happen? I don't think my column is dirty because i checked my pressure line and it was normal. Thank u for all ur answers.

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