Autosampler 1200 skipping some vials run in a sequence G1367B latest firmware

Ok so after a X-transport error repairs  and cleaning and lube. I installed a new default tray and I did a cold start at instrument initialization, things went fine. Then a warm start (change DIP switches to my conf) and things went fine as the initialization all passed. then traded out the default tray for my 100 vial tray and when running a sequence it missed vial number 2 and needle stayed in the seat. I reinstalled the default tray and then ran a transport alignment with lab advisor. I then changed my method to use the default tray running a standard curve with 5 vials of increasing concentration of caffeine.Peaks and every thing looks good. It only ran 4 of the 5 (missed vial number 3 this time). I am not seeing any faults in Chemstation. What do you think would cause a skip a vial in the sequence? BTW it is the latest firmware and always has been. Thank you!  

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