Chemstation is not saving plate assignments or bottle fillings anymore?

Everytime we are restarting Chemstaton [C.01.07 SR2] and/or disconnecting/reconnecting the instrument - the plate assignments for the autosampler and the bottle fillings values for the sampler are reset to nothing.  So for example let's say the method was saved, System off, intrument modules then physically turned off and then back on, wait some amount of time, open up the software - not saved.  If we leave Chemstation open but shut down the system, then physically shut down and restart the modules, wait for reconnection - not saved either.

I am (almost) absolutely sure this did not use to happen and I can't track why it started happening now.

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  • All right so I ran some tests this morning and it looks like the minute we physically shut down and restart the instrument, these variables are not stored.  Same thing in Lab Advisor, the plate assignments are reset if the instrument was restarted.  Additionally, in Lab Advisor upon connection after restarting the instrument, it comes up every time with the "Internal Clock of connected instruments is out of sync", prompting to sync.  So it looks like things are not being saved to the instrument itself?  I tried to look online a bit, but it doesn't look like there's the equivalent of a "CMOS battery", so I'm not sure really sure what's happening here...

    This is an 1100 LC system.

  • Hello,

    This sounds like a hardware issue with the HPLC. I will move the post over to the that forum. 


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