Problems of using DAD and RID together

I am an Agilent 1260 HPLC user. I have connected my DAD to RID detector. I need to acquire DAD signal by using gradient elution. I don't need to acquire RID signal.

For my instrument method, in DAD, I set acquire signal and with gradient elution at 25oC. In RID, as I don't need to acquire RID signal, I do not click the box Acquire and I set temperature as uncontrolled in RID.

My configuration includes both DAD and RID. 

Will error show in RID if I use the above setting? I understand that if error show in RID, the software will prevent me to acquire DAD signal as well. 

If I need to collect only DAD signal by gradient elution but I don't need to collect RID signal, is my method setting correct?

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