Press the start button and then the system is "not ready" (agilent 1100)

I start the sequence and after 10 minutes of wait (I don't know why I have to wait 10 minutes), the sequence not start and inmediatly there is a message of "not ready" in red. I don't know why the HPLC don't start the sequence because I do all the acondicionate steps to start and all the modules seem to be ready

  • Hello Anacres,

    When you start the sequence, the sampler will verify that all the modules replied with a  "ready status".  If one of them isn't the 10 minute countdown clock begins and will as you observe, it will become "not ready" with the red status.

    So, are all the module icons green (indicating ready).  If yes, then one of them has a remote cable attached going to ?? so trace it and make sure it's connected to a module. If not, remove the remote cable.

    The other possibility is that there was a module removed from the configuration but still connected and turned on via the CAN cable.  Check and verify that isn't the case.

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