Injection error with G1367A 1100 series WPLAS autosampler, sample vial sticking on needle, preventing movement

Hey all,

I have an injection problem with a G1367A WPALS 1100 series autosampler. The needle moves to the sample just fine, picks up the sample just fine, but when the needle moves up sometimes the sample vial is picked up as well and prevents the needle assembly arm from moving back to the injection port. We have replaced the needle and the problem continued. It is not a problem with the transport itself. When the sample drops off the needle, everything moves fine. It is only when the sample vial does not properly come off the needle and is picked up as the needle rises that it errors out.

What could be causing this?

  • Hello Amalicule,

    The needle, if the tip is "barbed" will can cause this but the needle was already replaced. 

    The other possibility is the septa on the vial caps.  Not sure what kind you are using but you can test and verify by injecting without the septa installed and see if the vials are still picked up.  Not sure if you are using Agilent vials/caps but may want to try that too.  There are also pre-slit septa which will prevent that if due to septa.

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