Unable to connect to instrument server


we recently changed the name of our PC to integrate it into our network. Unfortunately, since that day, we have been unable to connect to our our instrument (new Bio-Inert HPLC).

When we try to connect to the instrument via Control Panel, Launch, we get the error "unable to connect to instrument server". In the agilent lab advisor I can connect to the system separately, but using the fast connect button gives the error "Could not connect to COM2" and "Could not connect to COM1". 

We have changed the name of the PC back to its original name, but the errors are unchanged. 

Another interesting problem that I saw when trying to fix the problem is that in the -LC Network Setting Tool- (Lab Advisor), the Gateway for all instruments is set to with a warning symbol that this is an invalid gateway address.

Does anyone have any idea how we can fix these problems? 

Thanks in advance!


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