Can I upgrade Classic Head Pump 1290 G4204A to Easy Maintenance Head pump?


I have a question,

I'm using a Quat Pump 1290 (G4204A) with SN: DEBAN01729, with information: Channel A setup (Drive: Classic, Head: Classic). Dive Age: 24.

Now, I want to upgrade to use with Easy Maintenance Pump head. Is it available?


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  • I know with long life Pump heads, I must need a new Pump Drives, but with EM head, 

    Do I need to replace the pump drives with new ones or keep the Pump drives of the Classic type?
    And I have one more question that in the information displayed on Lad Advisor, 
    my current pump is Drives: Classic, Head: Classic. So when replacing Pump Heads of type EM, will the information automatically be updated to Pump Heads: EM?
    What part of this information is the pump using to identify it?
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