Inyection Time Program/ Inyection Schedule

Hi, I´m currently evaluating solution stability over time.

It´s the same vial, same inyection volume, same method, but with 6 ,12, 18, 24.... hours of diferrence from the initial inyection.

What we do right now is create a method with 6 hs of a blank run and insert between the real inyections.

Is there a way to program the inyection time to avoid it?

The Software is Openlab Chemstation Rev C.01.10

  • Hi Damian

    If you want all of the data in the same result set, you're doing the easiest thing.  I might make my blank intermediate runs very short with 6 hours of post time, so that I'm not collecting data all of that time, and maybe even drop the flow rate with these blanks.

    You could also look at Command Scheduler, to run separate samples/sequences at specific times, and then create a new result set from the individual samples/sequences.


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