1200 Series HiP-ALS not communicating with computer


Our lab had to transfer our Chemstation software (GC and HPLC) to a new computer, as our old computer started having issues. Upon installing the updated drivers and software to the new computer, our GC system operates correctly; however, our HPLC does not.  Specifically, the Chemstation and Agilent lab advisor does not recognize the HiP-ALS autosampler module after the initialization process (e.g., it will see the module and will initialize it, but once it is finished initializing it becomes greyed out).  Prior to transferring the license and software to the new computer, the firmware for the QuatPump, TCC, DAD were A.06.xx/B.06.xx while the autosampler was A.07.xx (oddly enough). I figured there may have been a hick up in the firmware updates.  After contacting Agilent, they informed me to update all the firmwares to A.07.xx.  Currently:

QuatPump A.07.01[001]

HiP-ALS A.07.02[005]

TCC A.07.02[001]

DAD B.07.37[0002]

Could anyone provide guidance on what the issue may be and how I can rectify it?

Thank you!

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