Wavelength accuracy is not passing

Software is using Empower with 1200 series HPLC (Detector DAD)

During inhouse calibration wavelength accuracy is not passing.
Recently PM is succesfully done. During PM Deuteium lamp has been changed.
After flushing the system by 100% IPA and 10% IPA for over night, started calibration
work.While performing wavelength accuracy test got two maxima 208 and 273 in caffeine
Std. According to SOP it should be 205(+-2 nm) and 273 ( +-2 nm). so I cleaned the flow
cell window and coupling lens and source lens of optical unit. After that run caffeine std. but no improvement
observed. Then I reset the detector and run wavelength calibration from Lab advisor and run
again, the Std but this time also no improvement. So, I am suspecting flow cell creating the issue.
that's why I exchanged the flow cell from another system and run std. but got same result.

What might be the reason?

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