Help with fittings on plating equipment adapted from HPLC components

I have a plating tool (semiconductor manufacturer) that runs a closed-loop liquid analyzer to adjust concentrations on the fly. The original analyzer was made by ECI and Hamilton with HPLC components from Agilent and perhaps a few others. We are doing repairs and need to identify replacement fittings. 2 fittings in total. Pressures not high.

Fitting 1:

I believe, this is an Agilent Round Short Finger Tight PEEK fitting with an IDEX ferrule. 1/4"-28 for 1/8" tubing.


Fitting 2: We are stumped. This fitting is used to blank off a line so that it does not go to the indexing valve. It's capped with a 1/4"-28 black cap. Notice the cross pattern on picture 2.

Any help appreciated!

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