Collection of (I hope) simple questions for setting up Agilent HPLC for open access

Dear All

I have been used in previous employment to an Agilent LCMS with Walk-Up wherein users can simply put in a sample, select their name and method and samples are run.

I'm trying to prepare something similar in OpenLab, but have a small number of what might be obvious and trivial questions that I hope you'd all be kind enough to review and give me some advice?

1) Can you make it default for a sequence to be saved before running?

2) How can you view the data in DA for a single sample in a sequence that is complete, when the sequence is still running?  I always get errors stating data not available etc.

3) Is it best when managing multiple samples from multiple users to have samples submitted as sequences or single samples?

4) is there a 'default' report template someone can share with me - simply with the chromatograms, integration table, sample info etc.

thank you all for your time


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