Agilent G1312A pump pressure fluctuation

Hello everyone.

  • This week I got issues with Agilent G1312A binary pump. I run analysis in gradient elution mode. And at the begining of gradient (95% H2O + 5% MeOH) I get pressure fluctuation which causes periodic UV base line fluctuation (2nd picture). Then I start runing gradient and MeOH concentration increases that fluctuation dissappears (1st picture). I want to ask maybe someone had same problem and knows which part most likely can cause this behavior?. I repleaced plunger seals on pump head B and I replaced PTFE frit. Thank you for any tips and suggestions!
  • Hello,

    I am going to assume that Pump A is for water and B is for MeOH.  Since you are starting the gradient with mostly water, the pressure fluctuation is probably due to pump A not working well [leak, air bubble or check valves].  If you pump 100% from A and get the same pattern, then you have confirmed it.  This may also be caused by a mixing issue but doing the 100% step will confirm that.

    For air, open the purge valve and pump 5ml/min for at least 5 mins.  To check for leaks, you can put a blanking nut in the purge valve and do the pressure test.  If pressure test passes, then likely due to check valves, either the inlet cartridge or outlet check valve or both.

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