1260 G4212B DAD Lamp Intensity


Recently, I've come across an issue where I performed a Lamp Intensity test using the Instant Pilot and it failed the 221-350nm wavelength.  Since this is a relatively new lamp, I decided to look into values and that's where I saw Lab Advisor had different count limits than the Instant Pilot.  To correct this, I did a firmware update on the Instant Pilot and re-tested.  This fixed this issue.

Since this happened on one of my systems, I looked into my other systems.  All had the firmware updated and read the correct lamp intensity settings, matching that of Lab Advisor.  However, one system did not match.

I looked into Lab Advisor and saw Lab Advisor also did not contain the correct values for the lamp intensity test counts.  We did firmware updates for the G4212B module, Instant Pilot, and Lab Advisor, but with no luck on getting the correct values.  Has anyone else experienced this issue and found a way to correct it?  Here are some screen shots:

In the above one, the pane on the left is from the help menu in Lab Advisor where the right pane is the lamp intensity test.

Here are the current versions we have performed so far:

Performed firmware upgrade on the following:

TCC (G1316A) from A.07.01 [001] to A.07.02 [001]

DAD (G4212B) from B.07.10 [004] to B.07.35 [0002]

Pump (G7104A) from B.07.30 [0005] to B.07.35 [0002]

Installed firmware update B.02.25 on HPLC handheld controller

Here is the latest from the Instant Pilot:

Latest firmware according to Lab Advisor (2.19.503 SR1- Basic):

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