1050 Install Question

I recently built a new PC for my 1050.  I was hoping to run Win XP Pro in VirtualBox under Win 10; unfortunately the PCI bus is not accessible from the VM.  #8^( 

So I reinstalled XP as the only OS.  I installed the same IO 488 driver pkg I was using on the old PC; ver 15.  I then installed Chem Station A.10.2.  When I check connections using IO, all three components initialize, but when launching Chem Station they are not found.  Chem Station config is set to the correct 1050 components, and addresses match the component settings: 

Pump, address 16

Detector, address 17

Autosampler, address 18

All was working well with the old PC.

I think I have everything set the same as on the old system, not sure why the three are communicating with IO but not Chem Station.  Has anyone experienced this?  What was the solution?


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