1290 Sampler needle seat leaks

Hi, I am working with a 1290 sampler G4226A. When the needle in at the maintenance position, the pressure of the system is fine. However, when the needle goes on the needle seat the pressure drops and I can some leak from the needle seat

I placed a new needle Seat Assembly and a Needle assembly but the issue persists. I followed the advice given by the community for a 1260 ALS  but it didn't work either ( Leaking from needle seat )

Any suggestion/advice is much appreciated!

Thank you!

  • If you switch to the bypass position for your autosampler does the leak disappear and the pressure revert to normal? If so, then the issue is with either your sample loop, needle, or needle seat. It's possible you are not installing the seat/needle correctly (The needle needs to be perfectly aligned to slide into the seat without causing damage/leaks). It's also possible that you don't have the right seat for the needle that you installed. What are the part numbers for the needle AND seat? For the 1290 autosampler you need to make sure you are using the proper combo.

  • Hi Kieran, thank you for your reply. 

    The part numbers are the following:

     G4226-87012 Seat assembly  &  G4226-87201 Needle Assembly

  • The part numbers that you are using are fine. I would suggest making sure that the needle is installed as low as it can go (As mentioned in the 1260 article that you referenced) It may be aligned properly but if the needle is not seated correctly then it may not go deep enough into the seat to create a proper seal. 

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