Tuning A and Tuning B parameters in Binary Pump of 1290 LC


What do the Tuning A and Tuning B parameters represent in the binary pump?  Do they have a tolerance range indicating good performance?


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    Between plus and minus 1, the tuning indicates that the pump is performing up to its specifications. For values (-1)-(-2), this could indicate air in the pump or wrong compressibility settings. Best here to use the "conditioning" function in the prepare pump context menu when you right click on the pump driver. This function helps remove air bubbles. For (-1)-(-2), it could also indicate a sticking valve (could try a prime to help) or a leak in the pump head which would require maintenance. Tuning signals greater than 1 are really only indicating an incorrect compressibility (check your method settings). You can also monitor the tuning values over time. If it is decreasing over time, it could also be indicative of air entering the system or filters starting to become blocked over time.

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