Alternate methods for 1100 seal wear in procedure

I have replaced the pump seals and secondary seals on the binary pumps of our 1100. I don't have the restriction capillary and adaptor to connect the solvent bottle directly to the pump inlet. Can I still do a seal wear in? Is it ok to go through the solvent degasser and selection during the procedure? Any alternatives for the restriction capillary?

  • Hi tnaka, theoretically it should be fine going through the degasser (since you will be using IPA for the seal wear-in process). Although we still recommend that you purchase both the adapter and the restriction capillary from our website so that the wear-in process can be done as designed. The restriction capillary is used to generate backpressure in the system. You should refrain from running your system without either a column or restriction capillary attached as this could damage your detector (especially if you have a fluorescence or refractive index detector).

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