Has anyone else had issues with the Agilent Lab Advisor Valve Test diagnostic?

I had a analyst report that the system was having major drops in baseline.  This usually means the outlet ball valve is stuck or getting stuck for our machines.  I went to perform a "As Found" diagnostic to show the issue.  When getting into LabAdvisor and connecting up to the system, I noticed a new test I must have not seen before and it was the "Valve Test."  I performed the test, it stated outlet ball valve malfunction, so replaced both (pump A and pump B).  Filled with IPA, then swapped back over to H2O and ran the valve test, same error with new outlet valves.

The only failing portion is during the first couple seconds of the test when it drops -4% pressure then floats back up and is steady (between -0.5 to 0.5% pressure).  I am wondering if the issue is with the Lab Advisor test and not the pump.  Further background here, I have ran the Leak test (passed) and system pressure test (passed).  Also, used a external calibrated flow meter to check at 1 ml/min and it reproduces at 1.019 for 6 min.

For now, I believe the pump is working fine, but the concept for this valve test seemed awesome, so I was sad to see it not working.

Any advice help is appreciated!

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