Empower 3 and Agilent 1260 HPLC Questions

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My lab just bought a 1260 and it was configured with Empower 3. I'm totally new with Agilent systems. I tried to create an instrument method to run caffeine. The flow rate is 1ml/min, column temp is 40C, the detection is at 273nm. There are two lamp options, one is UV lamp and the other is Vis lamp. Which one should I choose? There are also some options that are not available with Waters HPLC system, such as reference wavelength, split, and step. What numbers should I put for those options?  I made a prototype instrument method and run caffeine standard with it. I can see the peak showing in chromatogram. When I reviewed it in Empower3, the Peaks tab was missing. I was not able to label the integrated peak, and I wasn't able to see peak area, amount, tailing etc. Is this because my instrument method setup was wrong or some empower software issue?  The spectrum index tab was also missing. I think it might have something to do with Agilent DAD and Waters PDA detector. Can someone enlighten me and guide me through these problems(how to build a proper instrument method, how to get peaks tab and spectrum index show in review)? Thank you 


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  • Thank you. It is indeed UV lamp. My problem was I set UV LAMP on, but no peaks could be seen in review window. Also, Waters only had lamp on/off option, so I got confused with how UV and VIS lamps work on Agilent. It turned out I was not given correct empower access, so I could not view anything :).  Still, do I need to set a reference wavelength when I check 273nm to be detected?

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