"lost CAN connection to other module" error


I'm using the 1290 Infinity II LC System and I've had this error "lost CAN connection to other module" show up in my last two injections. Has anyone seen this before?

I've checked all my connections and cables and nothing seems to be wrong. After clearing the error I'll re-start the instrument and it seems to work the way it should until I start my injections. The first time it happened at the beginning of the run but this last time, it occurred halfway through my sample set. 

Does anyone know how I can trouble shoot this?


  • You need to check the log files from the CDS resp. the Diagnostic Buffers from LabAdvisor. Usually the module that doesn't report to have lost connection is to suspect. I could also be an issue with one of the CAN cables or CAN port. Be aware that hot plugging/hot un-plugging is not supported.

    Make sure the firmware revisions (main and resident firmware) on the all modules are from one set. Ideally all modules run on the latest firmware revision.

    I suggest you contact your local Agilent office.

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