G1315A, 1100 DAD: "diode leakage" error

does anybody faced with such an error? Any suggest to overcome it? Thanks indeed, Emanuele

  • This is a rare, but fatal error. Basically it means that the dark current measured during instrument startup is not within specifications. This points to a faulty optical unit. The G1315A is out of support since end of 2011 and we no longer have major repair parts, such as main boards or optical units available. I would strongly suggest to go for a new detector. Alternatively a pre-owned, refurbished  G1315C or G7115A should be available at an attractive price.

  • Thank you for answering, I was very suspicious about the fatal situation... I will first go on replacing the filter motor (who's faulty too) and lately I will consider your suggest. Wish you a nice day :)

  • you may check on the ribbon cable connection from the optical unit to the mainboard, i do encounter the similar error on the new G7117A DAD with the similar error message " diode leakage EE1041,0". After check on the cable connection, the errors message disappear. Hope it help. 

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