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How to release a stuck Analytical Head on an G7167A Autosampler

I was wondering if anyone else in the community has this issue. We were trying to replace the Metering Seal on one of these new Infinity II Samplers (G7167A). We went through the procedure but the Head was stuck. I don't ever remember these happening on 1100/1200/1260, on the new autosamplers this seems to be an issue. I was wondering if anyone else had this isue.

  • Hey, it could also potentially be that the rfid tag reader screw (t10, on the black cable) is too tight. You can loosen the screw on this and try to remove the metering device for seal maintenance. If this doesn't help, then it is maybe mechanically blocked and the procedure would require service.

  • Unfortunately, this is a flaw on this new Metering Head design, I wish there's a way this can be escalated. I have used Agilent instruments for decades and this has never being an issue in their older LC Autosampler designs. This metering head is prone to leaks and it sucks that every once in a while I have to call Service to replace the entire G4267-60006 HYDRAULIC STANDARD. This is a pricey repair (over $6K). What happens is that a minor leak will accumulate in the bottom of the metering head after time the salt build up will cause errors, or during PM Metering Head will not disengage and unfortunately the Metering Device Motor/ Assembly will not come out of this Hydraulic Standard. Agilent will replace the entire Hydraulic Standard with all its components- is frustrating!!! 

    Replacing all this for a leaky seal, waste of money


  • We shared your info with our product development.  We recommend you contact your local support team.

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