GPC User Manual for Agilent 1100/1200 Series


I am new to GPC and I would like to check the functionality of a system that has the following components (Top to Bottom)

1. Solvent Tray with One solvent only (A) and a Degasser (from Waters) connecting the solvent tubing to the next unit below

2. 1200 Series G1312A Bin Pump

3. 1100 Series G1313A ALS

3. 1100 Series G1316A ColCom

4. 1200 Series G1362A RID

I found several user manuals, but none of them is specifically for GPC. Can someone provide some guidance? I would like to understand how I operate it as a GPC instrument and perform a system check on it as the instrument was idle for some time.

These are the manuals I found - Chem Station for LC (would like to have this guide for GPC applications)

Untitled Document ( -  User Manual for 1100 Series

Agilent 1200 Series Binary Pump SL User Manual - Pump ( - RID

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