FLD S/N Raman Fail

Hello, I have a G1321B that showed errors during the OQPV.  The FSE  changed the flash lamp Iand the Intensity test  is OK  arround 10000 counts buen the  and  Raman ASTM Signal/Noise fail.  I want to know if there are another test to do. 

  • The intensity test looks okay for an older G1321B, still the result for the S/N test is poor. You can try using a different source of water (fresh/best quality possible) and flush the system thoroughly before running the test. It could also be a contaminated degasser, releasing algae into the system, which then show fluorescence.

    If the result is still low, I would suggest to call a technician to inspect the optics (e.g. EX condenser, mirror...). Very likely the quartz window of the lamp housing needs to be replaced.

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