Agilent 1290 Infinity Heat Exchanger

I am replacing the heat exchanger part that goes between the primary/secondary heads on Channel A of a 1290 Infinity binary pump (G4220A).

The old part is shown on top in the photo below. I ordered Part # G4220-81013 listed in the manual (and the diagram in the manual looked like the old part). The new part that we received is the silver-colored one at the bottom of the photo. It looks like it can fit, but I was wondering if one of the Agilent engineers can confirm if this part is indeed compatible and the correct part that we should be installing?


  • We were able to get responses back from service calls/emails that the new part is compatible (and an improved design), so no need for a response on this post. I will leave it up though in case someone else has this question later.

  • For model numbers- G4204A, G4220A, G4220B, G7104A, G7104C, and G7120A.

    This is from a service note-there is a new screw as well- 5023-3119 Screw M5x10 Planar Front still requires 3Nm torque

    The heat exchanger part numbers haven't changed:

    G4220-81013 Heat Exchanger Channel A

    G4220-81012 Heat Exchanger Channel B

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