Is it possible to install tool-free long-life pump heads in 1290 Infinity Binary Pumps?

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I have pressure problems in a 1290 Binary Pump (G4220A) because in most of the manteinances and repairs it had in the past the pump head assembling process was performed without the service kit. In this moment the pump cannot work with pressures above 600 bar. Even after assembling with the allignment tool and the correct torques, the pressure decreases with time with sporadic leak drops from inside the heads. In addition to this, the availability of the service kit is very limited.

Considering this I would like to know if it is possible to upgrade this pump with long-life pump heads which require no allignment tool.

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    Can you share type of mobile phase n sample..May be due to that wear n tear coming with in short time...

  • It has happened with Water/Acetonitrile and with a mix Buffer/acetonitrile... This is sporadic, however, the problem with the pump is that after interventions or maintenances pressure can work fine above 800 bar, a week later it decreases to below 600 and so on, sometimes it has worked only between 200-300 bar...

  • U can check above document...

  • Yes, you can upgrade from the classic pumps to either the Long Life or easy maintenance pump heads.  

    You may want to contact your local service group for the possible options.  With the Long Life pump; the pump drives, pump heads, and a few other parts will need to be replaced.

    The local bench group in the US will quote doing the upgrade or the local service group can do this as well.  

    We recommend having Agilent do the upgrade as it's not just swapping out pump heads...

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