IP Address Setup for Chromeleon CDS on Agilent 1260

I am trying to connect a new 1260 to our Chromeleon CDS system.  In order to successfully connect to our CDS system we have to give each instrument a unique IP address.  I have successfully updated the generic IP address for each module except the RI detector module.  When I click on "Modify" in the setup menu on the handheld instrument "gameboy" for the detector module, it just gives me a blank, grey screen.  When I click modify for the autosampler and pump modules, I am allowed to give it the unique IP address.  I have followed the instructions in the manual and have flipped the 5th switch on the back of the module up which should allow me to manually enter an IP address.  What else could be causing this or can I do to fix this issue?  Without this IP address setup, our Chromeleon system cannot ping the correct IP address for the instrument to setup properly in our system.


  •  I moved this post to the LC group since your question is about the 1260 IP address configuration.

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    Check below note and make sure firmware of RID is as per this note or not for chromeleon.

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    Where is the LAN connected to?  What module is it connected to? What are the dip switch settings on the module that has the LAN connected to it?

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  • the LAN is connected to the back of the detector module.  The dipswitch on the back of the detector module is all switches are down except #5 which is up (per the manual.)

    I don't think the chromeleon and firmware configuration is applicable yet because I cannot set the IP address on the instrument itself (i.e. before Chromeleon comes into the picture)

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