System(System) - Uploaded partially acquired result set during recovery.


In our activity log for open lab we have an "error" stating System(System) - Uploaded partially acquired result set during recovery.

From looking at our sequence we can see the system went to inject and at this point something happened in the software, no other errors have appeared.

The system then continued to pump as per method loaded onto the system, however no more injections were completed.

The software had closed down with the sequence and shutdown removed from the dashboard.

What does this error mean? How can we avoid this in future?

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  • Hello,

    Did your computer go to sleep?

    Can you check power options to make sure that it NEVER goes to sleep and NEVER dims displey

    Also, you can go into the network options and then adapter options and make sure that the LAN port used to control the system is never turned off. Properties (of the LAN port) > Configure (top right) > Power management > uncheck the option Allow this computer to turn off this device to save power

    That error normally means that something happened during the acquisition where it had to stop acquiring data. Could be connection issue, could be anti virus scan, update of some sort that blocked the software from accessing the needed folders, etc.

  • The 1260 had been running for 48 hours at this point with no issues.

    I've checked and the system/network is set up to never turn off/go to sleep. Are there any other possible causes to this?


  • Hello ,

    Please advise if you have encountered another instance of this error since then. Because it looks like the error only occurred once or very rarely, the suggestions that gabcaron shared cover all the most likely reasons. I have marked the post as answered, please let us know if you are still having issues.

  • Hi Also here you can check if you are naming data files too long they also does not get uploaded (should be less than 247 words) and same error you will found

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